Glasgow West Housing Association Go Live with HomeMaster Housing and Financial Management System
Published Date: 23rd June 2020

GWHA owns 1486 houses and 109 non housing facilities, and through its subsidiary, Glasgow West Enterprises Ltd (GWEn), provides factoring services to 581 residential and commercial owners who live or work alongside GWHA tenants in mixed-tenure developments.






With over 2000 tenants, residential and commercial owners now receiving services and with 40 years local experience, GWHA is a respected community controlled, charitable housing services provider in the West End of Glasgow.

The project to implement HomeMaster commenced in December 2019 with the target for live operation at the beginning of April 2020. It is testament to the dedication and commitment of GWHA and HomeMaster staff that this ambitious plan was successfully achieved even with unforeseen operational challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Craig Brock, Chief Operating Officer at Designer Software commented

“We were delighted when Glasgow West selected HomeMaster as their new Housing and Financial Management System and to be part of the team which has delivered significant operational benefits to GWHA and improve digital engagement with their stakeholders has been extremely satisfying. During the implementation we needed to respond quickly to the restrictions brought about by the COVID-1 9 pandemic which was achieved because of the Web Based technologies deployed within HomeMaster. The go live was undertaken remotely with association staff working from home which was was our first remote go-live.”

Iain Nicholl, Finance & IT Manager for Glasgow West HA explained:

As a progressive thinking organisation Glasgow West is committed to investing in technology, by investing in the HomeMaster software this will enable us to increase efficiencies and improve services to our customers.

GW went live with the HomeMaster system on the 1st April right at the beginning of lockdown, this of course raised several concerns as taking on such a major project with no onsite support was not ideal however our fears were soon allayed as the remote support solutions were quick and decisive.

While it will take time to adapt to a new way of working our staff and customers are already reaping some of the benefits that the software has to offer. GW look forward to a long and successful partnership with Designer Software.”

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