Warrington Announce go live of HomeMaster
Published Date: 7th October 2020

WHA have now gone live with a new housing, property services and finance system, set to improve our tenants’ and colleagues’ experiences. 

At the start of this year, we commissioned Designer Software’s HomeMaster suite of products, including Housing Management, Property Services, Tenant and Contractor Portals, Finance and Component Accounting, with the aim of delivering outstanding customer service and allowing an agile ecosystem for flexible working.   

The project implementation phase began in April, with a deadline for going live at the beginning of October. Then Covid-19 hit and the country, along with businesses went into lockdown. 

Kirsty Capper, Director of Resources at Warrington Housing Association, said: “It is a testament to both the Designer Software and WHA teams that working practices were quickly adapted to meet the new challenge to ensure the project went live on time.  As HomeMaster is online, colleagues could continue to work from home on the project, to ensure the original timescales were not compromised. 

“Our desire was for a single solution, covering all aspects of our work, which would be web based and have digital engagement at its core and that is what HomeMaster has given us.” 

Kirsty added: “HomeMaster enables our colleagues to continue to work seamlessly from home or out on site, whilst enabling us to easily use the inbuilt digital communication capabilities to engage with tenants and contractors.” 

Craig Brock, HomeMaster’s Chief Operating Officer, said: “Working with Warrington colleagues on this prestigious project has personally been extremely rewarding and I am delighted that together we have achieved significant operational efficiencies at Warrington Housing Association.” 

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