Warrington Housing Association select HomeMaster as their new Housing and Financial Management solution
Published Date: 1st April 2020





Warrington Housing Association (WHA) are a community focussed organisation, dedicated to supporting the needs of their customers and with a clear objective of creating sustainable communities.  In operation for over 40 years, WHA are proud of their achievements and the difference they have made to the lives of their customers.

Following an exhaustive selection process, WHA chose HomeMaster, a hosted web-based housing and finance solution.

Kirsty Capper, Director of Resources at WHA stated “As an organisation we needed to embrace the opportunities and realise the operational benefits afforded by new technologies.

Our desire was for a single solution covering all aspects of housing and finance, which would be web based and have digital engagement at its core and ideally be delivered in a hosted environment.  HomeMaster was the standout system, it met all of our key requirements and it became clear from discussions with existing users that as an organisation, HomeMaster are dedicated to delivering outstanding customer service.

The COVID-19 outbreak has only reinforced our decision, as HomeMaster will enable staff to continue to work seamlessly from home, whilst enabling us to easily use the inbuilt digital communication capabilities to engage with tenants and contractors.”

Ian Thompson, CEO of Designer Software commented “We are delighted to have been chosen by WHA and our implementation team will be working in tandem with WHA colleagues to ensure a smooth and effective transition to HomeMaster.”

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